A Prisioner’s Log

Day 3

It has been two days since I have been locked up in the room. This is the third.

I don’t know why they have locked me. I am no rich. I don’t have any friends or family. They have not told me anything and I don’t expect them to. I have not even seen them once.

Two days ago I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard something drop and shatter. I thought it was a burglar and jumped off my bed. I ran towards the door and when I tried to open it, it wouldn’t. I figured that the burglar must have locked it on the outside.

So I went to my window, to see what was happening. The window was boarded shut.

I banged on the door and then the window and shouted for help. It has been three days and none have come. I am now a prisoner in my own house.

They have taken all my electronics away. Anything that can help me escape. My cell phone, laptops and even my music player. There is no one to talk to and it’s quiet. So quiet, that it feel like a verbal vacuum.

Atleast they have left me a notebook and a pen. How nice of them.

If it goes on like this I will go crazy. I have to do something to keep my sanity and that’s why I decided to write down what I’m thinking.

But this is insane. I am a prisoner and now also an aspiring author. I am doing something insane to stop myself from going crazy.

Day 4

Every morning someone leaves me a loaf of bread by the door step. That’s all I have to eat for the whole day. Now because of this I know two things.

One, the door is not nailed shut. I can still be opened.

Two, they still want me alive, atleast for now.

Day 5

If anyone is reading this, you might be thinking “Stop writing and try to escape”. I did try. I failed. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Let me explain what my bedroom looks like now. It is a fairly small room and has a cot lying in the corner. They have left me this notebook and a pen. And bread and the cover they come in. And empty water bottles.

They have even nailed the windows shut and no light gets in. I don’t know the time of the day.

That’s it. That’s all there is now. Everything else has disappeared.

There used to be 2 shelves, a cupboard, a bed and a mirror. All disappeared.

I feel like I’m in a dream and the only way I can wake up is if I get out of this room. I have lost the sense of time and I don’t know whether I write the daily logs on the correct days anymore. I think this is the fifth day. I’m not sure.

Tonight I’m going to stay awake. But I don’t know when it will become night. I’ll just have to stay awake as long as it takes.

Day 6

I saw him.

I almost slept but at that time the door opened and he came in. He threw a loaf of bread and a bottle of water. He then threw a look at me and then left. I couldn’t see his face.

He’ll be here tomorrow too. If I kill him, I’ll be free.

Day 7

3 thoughts on “A Prisioner’s Log

  1. I’ve just checked out your blog and it is so awesome! It is safe to say I love it (: but what I was going to say was that I really enjoyed this blog post and thought it was amazing (:
    Don’t stop writing anytime soon! I enjoy your posts too much! (:

    Liked by 1 person

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