The Cemetary of Failures – Survivorship bias

Behind every popular author you can find 100 other writers whose books will never sell. Behind them are another 100 who haven’t found publishers. Behind them are yet another 100 whose unfinished manuscripts gather dust in drawers.

When I said 100, I was downsizing to keep it simple.

The probability of becoming a popular author is a fraction above zero. So, like so many others, you will most likely end up as a failure. No journalist is interested in failures, with the exception of fallen stars.

You hear of only the successful authors and fail to recognize how unlikely literary success is.

The same goes for photographers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, rappers, athletes and architects.

The same goes for the big world and the small world.

This does not mean that you should not take risks. You have to be aware that chances of winning is low, so the only way to beat other people is to have strong basics in whatever you do and get creative and meet the right people.

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